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Alexandra Palace

The Theatre at Alexandra Palace opened in 1875 and after being used for spectacular shows, opera, ballet and Pantomime, it could not compete with the West End and closed around 1940 and fell into disrepair.  In 2016 construction began to restore the Theatre to open it up again once more, preserving its state of arrested decay.  

We worked in the roof space, above the famous ceiling, installing steelwork to hold the original timbers in the roof in place, and to allow modern equipment be installed in the roof space.  Using 3D scans, we designed each bracket for each individual truss to ensure a perfect fit.  This minimised time required on site in the roof space measuring each single truss and angle, allowing us time to design each piece perfectly.   Installing the truss supports was not an easy feat, access into the space was limited, winching the steelwork into place in designated areas and carrying it across the roof space to its exact location and truss/node point.